Waves of Disaster


When we come up with a theme of the box, we look at a lot of different aspects. We factor in the different seasons or holidays, current events or trends and we consider all of the agonizing things that make periods oh-so-fantastic – cramps, clots, mood swings, feeling like you’re going to poop yourself, etc. One of our boxes, “Waves of Disaster” was developed from the story below. I feel like every girl (except for those fucking unicorns) are destined to experience this at least once in their lifetime. 

Here’s a look into how the “Waves of Disaster” box was created.

So, you know that feeling, right before your period is supposed to start, when you feel a little bit better after all of the wretched PMS symptoms run their course and for a nanosecond you believe she’s surely not coming that day. So you let your guard down and think to yourself, “Screw Mother Nature! It’s hot out, I shaved my legs for the first time in a week. I’m wearing my new white shorts!” You’re pleased to find the shorts fit even after suffering the bloat for a week. You fluff your hair, slap on some lip gloss and head out with your girls. You are carefree and laughing and flirting with anyone with a penis that makes eye contact. You’re so glad you came out tonight instead of hefting into your fat pants to watch Love Actually for the 137th time. Halfway through drinks with the girls though, you feel a twinge in your lower back. You nearly shatter the margarita glass you’re drinking from when you involuntarily bite down. Somehow you just know, the bitch is back.

You’re starting to think participating in the super sampler appetizer platter with all of its golden-fried, greasy goodness was a huge mistake. Your stomach begins to roll. From the top of your gut, a wave of disaster heads south towards the exit. You clutch your bar stool. It rolls and rolls until you are clenching your no-go hole with all of the force you can muster because finally, FINALLY, the hot guy of his group of friends is talking to you and you will not shit yourself. And your uterus is sitting there thinking, “We’re not with child this month? Time to clean out this baby uterapartment! Might as well clear the poop chute while we’re at it!”

You smile at him as he goes on about something you tuned out when you began focusing on the ocean in your stomach and try to decide what’s going to be worse, excusing yourself and running through the bar to the bathroom while clenching your butt cheeks as you trying not to poop down your leg while wearing white shorts, or pooping in a bar bathroom towards the end of the night where the bathroom has been used every two minutes by all of the drunk girls in the place. You choose the bathroom bar option.

You try to catch your friend’s eye to signal a red flag warning for an escape option but to no avail, she keeps flirting with the guy who looks like a goat. You make a mental note to talk to her about that later. Your guts roll and then you feel it. Your uterus constricts and she screams, “RELEASE THE CRIMSON WAVE!” and you know the time has arrived. Now your clenching your no-go hole and doing kegels at the same time to try to contain the mess that’s about to be. The guy you’re talking to stops speaking, gives you a look, and asks if you’re okay. You force a smile that feels more like a toddler flashing a strained grimace as he hides in a corner to poop in his diaper but doesn’t want you to know he’s hiding in a corner to poop in his diaper. The guy steps back.

You leap up from your stool. You already know the look on your face has ruined any chance of a future with this guy,  let alone a kiss goodnight. Before you can say another word you are charging through the bar as quickly as you can waddle, feeling slightly impressed with your butt muscles and that your yoga classes are paying off. Your friend is trailing along behind you but you get separated in the crowd. You burst into the bathroom where there are two stalls and 25 women. Tears well up in your eyes. This is it. You’re going to shit yourself in the bar bathroom.

Then, the miracle that is drunken women in a bar bathroom suddenly opens up and everyone is your best friend. They are screaming at the girls in the stalls to get out. One is patting your back, another offers to hold your hair back. You are pushed ahead and into a now open stall where your teary vision causes you to fumble with the lock twice. You yank your shorts down and by some kind of miracle, they’re still immaculate and your undies are clear. You make it just in time to let go, let flow. There is a sudden gasp and a few shrieks from the other side of the stall as the fight or flight instinct kicks in. Some girls run screaming from the bathroom, others ask if you’re okay. The bathroom door bangs open again and as you strain, you hear your friends voice calling your name.

The girls in the bathroom direct her to the stall. “It’s her period,” your friend says. The atmosphere in the bathroom changes from that of disgust to total understanding. Shrieks of terror turn to groans of sympathy. From inside the stall, you catch your breath and wipe your face with some toilet paper. “Does anyone have a tampon?” You croak. From under the stall door, three hands immediately offer up supplies. Although you’ve destroyed the stall for the rest of the evening, lost out on a potential date with a hot guy, and nearly shit yourself at the bar, you survived the waves of disaster in a public place. You exit the stall on wobbly legs and wash your hands, thanking others for the support. Your friend knows the night is over and when you leave the bathroom, you head out the back door.

As you wait for your Uber to arrive, she drapes an arm over your shoulders and says, “You know, this all could have been avoided had you just bought the Waves of Disaster Bitchy Box.”

Head over to Bitchy Box to see the “Waves of Disaster” box yourself and for others like it. There are a few individual boxes left if you don’t want to commit to a subscription with a contract signed in blood. 😉

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